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What Industries Need Regular Exterminator Inspections?

According to One Desk, about 80% of motels reported a bed bug issue in 2022. That means hospitality businesses are at risk of pest attacks, so they should seek the services of an exterminator regularly. Because such facilities accommodate people overnight, there is a need for exterminator services to prevent bug issues to ensure guests are happy and safe from diseases.

Apart from the hotels and motels, other industries, like food handling facilities and healthcare centers, need regular exterminator inspections. This blog will discuss why these industries require professional pest control. The benefits should inspire you to prevent a pest crisis by bringing in the best in business. Now, let's get into it!

Food Handling Facilities

If you manage a food processing facility like a grocery store, you know that food-health auditors may walk in at any time to check the conditions. If your environment is marred with pests, you run the risk of going out of business. In fact, if people see rats or roaches scurrying around, they'll quickly lose their appetite and potentially leave. However, you can prevent that by seeking exterminator services to pass the government inspection pest control test. A professional exterminator will design a plan to protect your products and control any pest problems.

Health Care Centers

In today's hospitals and assisted living facilities, there are risks for bedbug issues. They bite frequently, and those bites could easily create wounds that may lead to infection. To avoid such a highly infectious environment, it's safer for a hospital to seek exterminator services. Once those pests are discovered and neutralized, they won't interfere with the patient's fragile health.

Apart from bedbugs, rats can cause loads of problems in a health care center. They destroy clothing and food, leave contaminated droppings, and also spread diseases. When they're done sickening the place, they also gnaw on insulation and eat through wires, which could lead to power problems. In this case, you have no option but to stop them by bringing in an exterminator.

Food handling facilities and health care centers are top industries that need regular exterminator services. Besides hotels and hospitals, any other place that has high traffic also requires a pest control plan. Are pests becoming a menace in your place? Contact Bug Shockers today, and we'll help you get rid of them once and for all.

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