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about us


How it all began…

Years ago a wonderful family friend encouraged Dan & Jan (a.k.a. Mom and Dad) to consider opening a pest control business and shared “This is a wonderful business!”  But at the time Dan & Jan had moved away from home to SW Colorado and had jobs of the corporate nature.  Within a few years the failing health of their parents brought Dan & Jan back home to the Wichita area.  Coming home to care for family created an opportunity to start a new business venture. After several years of training, certifications, and licensing…Just like that, our family pest control business was born.


Growing (2nd generation)…

While on a family camping trip discussing the blessings and growth of the family business, Mom & Dad asked Matt & Mandi (Son and Daughter-in-law) to consider joining the family business.  It wasn’t long after considering self-employment, Matt too left the corporate life and together Matt & Mandi joined the family pest control business.  


Blessings continue (3rd generation)…

Now Tyler and Kayleigh (Matt & Mandi’s children), Molly (Tyler's wife), and Kasan (Kayleigh's husband) also contribute and work for our business.  You may have an opportunity to meet them in the field or see the wonderful graphic and web design they create and manage for the business.


Words can’t describe how grateful our family is to all of our wonderful customers and the great friendships that have developed.

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