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Here are 5 reasons You should avoid DIY Pest Control & Hire a professional

1. You don't have the training necessary to safely apply pest control products

When you hire a professional pest control company, you’re hiring someone who has been trained to do the job. Just like a Doctor has gone to school and has been educated for the job, same goes for Pest Control. Professionals also have a great deal of experience working with pesticides and the pests they treat. Not only do they have experience with these chemicals, but they also have experience identifying pests and knowing what technique to use to eliminate and prevent pests. In the state of Kansas, there are multiple levels of pest control licenses and certifications with a structure that works to ensure the safe operation and handling of the powerful chemicals to which these licenses give professional access. These are tools that the everyday DIYer doesn’t have access to. This leads to reason number two.

2. You don't have access to professional tools and products

There are many things you can DIY but pest control isn’t one of them. The pesticides and treatment options you see on your local store shelves are not as powerful or as efficient as the types pest control professionals are able to utilize. This is because when used incorrectly, these chemicals can do a great deal of damage. They can harm humans, wildlife, the environment – even your home. When you hire a professional, you know you’re hiring someone who not only has access to better tools but has the knowledge required to use them well.

3. Pest Control experts can accurately identify and eliminate pests

You may be able to generally identify the pests you’re having problems with, but do you know their habits? Do you know their life cycles? Do you know the weather, spaces, and environment they typically thrive in? These are all aspects of pest control that professionals look into to quickly and efficiently take care of your pest control problems. They also know what to look for when it comes to monitoring the effectiveness of treatments. Without this knowledge, the chance of recurrence is much higher, and a short-term problem can become a long-term problem. You can easily end up doing more harm than good and wasting more time and money than you’d be saving by letting a professional handle the problem. Not only are you likely to lose time and money, you could end up hurting yourself, your loved ones, and even your home.

4. Pests can be harmful and so can the methods used to eliminate them

Nobody wants to feel unsafe in their own homes. Certain pests may mainly pose a frustration, but there’s a long list of bugs that can be harmful. Pests can carry a range of diseases. Many of those pests are attracted to the foods in your home and even worse they can be attracted to you as human. From roaches to bedbugs to mice, pests can take root and be highly difficult for the world's best DIYer to eliminate and prevent the problem. Some damage your homes, like rodents, termites, and carpenter ants. It can take highly specialized equipment and treatment to rid your home of these damaging pests, and the experts at Bug Shockers have the training, experience, knowledge, and equipment to do so in the quickest and safest manner.

5. You're likely to spend more time and money doing your own pest control

Overall, professional pest control provides faster and far more efficient results than if you were to tackle an infestation independently. It also reduces the risk of worsening an infestation. A professional can keep the problem under control without causing further damage to you or your home.

Due to extensive knowledge and experience, Bug Shockers can quickly identify the root of the problem and develop a treatment tailored to your specific needs and pests. If you were to attempt it yourself, it could take you twice as long and end up causing more bad than good in the long run.

Contact Bug Shockers today! Don’t waste your time and money and or put you and your family at risk!

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