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Bed bugs are a significant pest challenge. They feed on blood and can be hard to identify because of their cryptic nature and they mostly emerge at night. In addition, bed bug bites can be itchy and uncomfortable, not to mention a cause of anxiety. Once you discover signs of bed bugs or suspect you have them, you should take action immediately and schedule an inspection with Bug Shockers Pest Control. If left unattended, bed bugs will quickly reproduce and create a significant infestation and can be very difficult to get rid of.

Bed Bug Control

DIY Bed Bug Home Solutions And Why They Don’t Work:

There are all kinds of do-it-yourself bed bug remedies that people try to eradicate bed bugs themselves. Some include washing clothes and bedsheets in hot water, thoroughly vacuuming, or filling cracks in walls. When you’re trying to save money and time it’s natural to turn to DIY techniques or over-the-counter insecticides. However, these are all solutions that, while they may kill the bed bugs in the infested clothing or linens, will not eliminate the infestation.

What you can expect from us:

Bug Shockers partners closely with you to provide recommendations that will improve the effectiveness of the treatment and SAVE you money by reducing follow-up visits.  In addition to extensive educational conversation at your first treatment, it will also include a thorough inspection. This can include beds, couches, cracks, crevices, and more. Treatment will include cracks, crevices, baseboards and necessary furniture. Our treatment is safe and you are able to stay in your home before, during and after treatment.

Want to learn more about Bed Bugs?

We have created a recourse page all about Bed Bugs. Visit this page by simply clicking on the Bed Bug to the Right. This recourse page will help you identify bed bugs, what a bed bug bite may look like, where they like to hide, traveling tips, and how to get rid of bed bugs.


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